• We Make Theory a Practice

    This nationwide network is a laboratory where scientists and practicians take a starting point in research based knowledge and collaborations about developing and implementing new methods for the analysis and interpretation of consumers and markets.

Culture is the Focal Point

Products and brands are building blocks in the consumers’ identity constructions and work as symbols of cultural attitudes and values. Therefore, cultural understanding plays a central part in the development of successful marketing and branding. Thus, there is a need for new perspectives and innovation of the concept of advertising.

Our network is supplying the fuel for this new innovation.

Across Conventions

We have gathered a wide range of researchers from leading business schools and universities to match the complexity, which marketing and branding have to master today. This gives companies and agencies the opportunity to get in close encounter with capacities within social studies, humanistic, and artistic/ as regards design research areas. The network is unique in a Danish connection – and has the clear purpose of getting marketing and branding to move.

New Knowledge and New Tools

The network’s development projects work with different aspects of the challenges, which advertising and marketing are facing. Companies can participate in the project groups’ work and by that be wholly close to the development of new knowledge.

If you do not have the possibility to participate to that extent, you can partake in events abreast and be inspired by subscribing to the network’s magazine and e-newsletter.