• Continual Projects

Development of Business Models in the Graphical Line of Business

The project has to help especially printers to adapt and utilize the possibilities, which the blurring of sectorial barriers/development gives graphical companies.

Project Manager: Professor Per Vagn Freytag, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding. In collaboration with the trade organization Graphical Employers

Cultural Branding Strategy

Study circle where researchers and practicians read and discuss research articles and relate the research based knowledge to the companies’ specific challenges.

Project Manager: Associate Professor Per Østergaard, University of Southern Denmark

Social Media Footprints

The improvement of analysis- and media agencies’ counseling concerning consumer behavior on digital media by the innovation of gathering- and analysis methods.

Project Manager: Assistant Professor Anja Bechmann, University of Aarhus

Emotional Segmentation

The project examines how knowledge about neoruscience and emotion psychology can be utilized in connection to the development of customized products and messages.

Project Manager: Professor Christian Jantzen, Aalborg University

Branding, Service, and Business Models

Workshop course providing application-oriented knowledge in the fields of branding, service, and business models and the many different ways in which you can work with this triangle with an eye to creating an experimenting, development platform within the company.

Project Manager: Assistant Professor Sune Gudiksen, Aalborg University, Copenhagen

Development of Strong Danish Fashion Brands

The project works with how small, innovative companies can grow and at the same time maintain their distinctive character and creative potential, among others, by developing the understanding of branding.

Project Manager: Associate Professor Fabian Csaba, Copenhagen Business School. In cooperation with i.a. the trade organization WEAR

Nordic Sound

Research-based knowledge about branding and market creation in a `glocal` world is going to grant players in the music business knowledge about how they can develop a music brand that is attractive for both an international and local audience.

Project Manager: Assistant Professor Erik Kristian Sloth, TEKO-Via University College

From Micro Brewery to the Beer Industry

Funen micro breweries and researchers develop new branding strategies and business models with an eye to matching the fragmented and globalized beer marked, which is a typical follower from `glocalization`

Project Manager: Prefessor Dannie Kjeldgaard, University of Southern Denmark

Portable Study- and Design Methods

The project works with developing alternatives/supplements to experimental methods as for example Eye Tracking to achieve a deeper understanding of the organism’s reactions to sensory perceptions from the outside world.

Project Manager: Professor Christian Jantzen, Aalborg University