Cultural marketing and branding

A Talk Between Douglas Holt and Domen Bajde.

Douglas Holt, Cultural Strategy Group, shares his views with Domen Bajde, University of Southern Denmark, on why marketing has to change and how it can become better through cultural innovation. Based on his research on iconic brands and brands pioneering cultural innovation, he outlines a strategic framework indispensable to brands, big or small, for-profit or pro-social.

The Authenticity Hoax

In his latest book, The Authenticity Hoax, Andrew Potter describes the search for authentic products and experiences as a romantic rebellion against a cold and complex modernity. But authenticity is not just a consumer trend. According to Potter many political statements - from Al Gore's Earth in Balance to the terrorist Unabomber's Manifesto - are also nostalgic protests against a civilization that has run wild.

In this video the author discusses authenticity with Professor Søren Askegaard at the University of Southern Denmark. Andrew Potter was invited to give a talk at a conference organized by the Innovation network for Market, Communication and Consumption. 

The conversation took place March 21st 2012.